Bob/Robert Sanchez is a nationally certified massage therapist and holistic health care professional with Dimensions in Health Center located in San Jose, Ca. Robert Sanchez specializes in the treatment of pre and post surgery/injury of the cervical, thoracic, lower lumbar and extremities.

In these sample videos, Bob’ s provides an explanation of the process of assessing the body at a glance.

The experience will give clients a body mind awareness with their neuro muscular movements and facilitated stretching. Clients will have a better awareness of structural imbalances. Samples are leg length bio mechanics of the feet to lordosis of the lower spine. Bob will explain how hip sockets, hip girdles, and muscular pain are away for the body to protect you and how it may cause hyper-tonic muscles or spasms.

Pain or tension is compensation in one area affecting all areas that are affected.

Bob will have an effective preventive protocol for you.