What your first visit entails

  1. Review of your completed intake form.  Please feel free to fill out the form prior to coming in so more time can be spent discussing your issues
  1. Detailed consultation
    1. Establishing goals for the visit
    2. Discussion of issues client is experiencing
    3. Aanatomical areas that need to be addressed
    4. Range of motion tests; standing up or on table
    5. Assessment of neuromuscular movement
  1. Explanation of what is possibly causing the problem
    1. Explanation of Myoskeletal components of the issues client is facing
    2. Overuse or bad postural patterns
    3. Walk through of self help proactive therapies including but not limited to neuromuscular movements or mobilization techniques and/or exercises
  1. Solution planning
    1. Plan of action for releasing the soft tissue causing the problem
    2. Programs they might want to follow including several proactive, self-help exercises
    3. Packages can include 3, 5 or 10 1 hr long bodywork sessions
  1. Bodywork
    1. A client who then is informed will actually feel, understand, and learn what the holding patterns are what caused the pain and all the compensating groups that are creating issues
    2. Homework that client can do to empower themselves by self awareness and relieving the aching pains before they become an issue again

90 minute total duration for first session which includes approximately 30 minutes consultation and 60 minutes bodywork