Robert Sanchez, NCMT

Robert Sanchez, NCMT

(408) 267-7759

As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and holistic health care professional, I work with clients experiencing acute and chronic pain, and those with muscular and skeletal dysfunction and imbalances which often develop through repetitive and habitual movements, post surgical scar tissue, accidents and injury. My clients include sports professionals, weekend warriors, dance sport pros, golfers and cyclists. Treatment of the lower back, extremities and the neck are my specialty.

I’m a graduate of the National Holistic Institute and the Myopathy Institute, was a participating massage therapist for the 1984 Olympic Games, and I’ve served the local community in active private practice for 28 years.


More Information About Massage Techniques
Deep Tissue Massage

  • A form of bodywork used specifically to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body
  • Highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, adhesions, scar tissue, fascia congestion, metabolic waste and past lingering injuries.

Sports Massage

  • Designed for highly active people who engage in athletics, professionally or for pleasure
  • Highly effective in aiding in rapid recovery from an injury by promoting the body’s natural immune function
  • Helps to prevent injury, reduce pain and swelling, increase flexibility
  • Enhances performance and prolongs ability to participate in sports activities

Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy

  • A series of specific, simple body movements designed to work smaller muscles that are being compressed and restricted by larger muscles
  • Simple, repetitive movements that facilitate a change in muscle function
  • Allow both the smaller and larger muscles to work more easily with each other, resulting in less fatigue and soreness
  • Facilitates a much faster and sustained relief response

Myofascial Unwinding

  • Fascia is the thin connective tissue which covers every muscle and every muscle fiber, allowing the muscles and muscle fibers to move smoothly against each other
  • When muscle fibers are injured through repetitive motion, physical injury or other trauma, the fascia and fibers become short and tight, much like a rubber band, and can even become brittle, causing scar tissue
  • Myofascial Unwinding identifies trigger points and stretches the affected areas to release and smooth out the uneven tightness in the injured fascia.

New Client information

New Client Forms
New clients are asked to complete and bring the client intake form to their first appointment.

The information you provide, along with a body-at-a-glance assessment and interview during your first visit, will assist me in working with you to create a therapeutic treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Workers Compensation & Insurance

Clients being referred by their physician, chiropractor, psychotherapist or physical therapist must bring their prescription to their first appointment. Please make sure the prescription includes frequency, duration and RX codes.


Advanced Massage Techniques include:


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Monday – Thursday & Saturdays


Workman’s comp and insurance accepted.
See New Client Information for details.

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I highly recommend Bob Sanchez as a massage therapist. He is very good at relieving pain and stress through massage and movement. He takes his time and thoroughly explains everything. He has also given me exercises to do at home. I had long time neck and shoulder pain and after only 2 visits I’m already feeling much better. I’ve worked with numerous therapists and chiropractors in the past and I can tell you that Bob is top notch!
– Loretta

Bob is an amazing body worker! I have been to more massage therapists in my life than I can count and no one else has his approach to the human body. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy and techniques, but there’s a spiritual aspect to his work as well. Each client is a new and exciting experience for him. He has a way of working the knots out of the body, explaining what’s he’s doing and making you laugh all at the same time! I came to Bob, suffering from posture issues. I am an athlete and spent years in desk jobs. I had chronic pain in my upper back from sitting at a desk for hours on end. I started trail running a couple of years ago and the muscle imbalances started really showing up. Working with Bob has not only relieved a large part of the pain, but my running technique has improved! My posture is noticeable better and I have more zest for life!
– Kathy

Bob Sanchez is a highly intuitive master of body work. He’s been doing therapeutic massage for something like 30 years, and can figure out what kind of help your body needs with little effort, purely because he knows muscle structure so well and can gauge your muscle response effortlessly. He explains what’s going on while he works, lets you know what’s causing the issues he’s addressing, and provides neuromuscular movements and effective simple exercises to help correct the issues. The bottom line: Bob knows his stuff! He’s consistent, knowledgeable, direct and honest to a fault, highly effective in his work and tempers it all with a deep personal spiritual strength that supports his knowledge base and his congenial personality. Go see him! He’s good!
– Kristy